Sunday, December 28, 2008

{ 2 identities, 1 story }

Chunyo? Enho? Did i hear wrongly? Yoorim kept on repeating that question in her head. Those words pierced right through her ears like fine needles. It shocked her. But at the same time, she felt delighted.

Again, that voice hollered.

"I go to the washroom first." she flung her blanket away and hurried off.

"Wei~What's the hurry?" Hyemin snorted

"Wait for me!"

Yoorim traced for the source of the voice while bearing on the hope that they are really on the plane. Her heart pounded louder each time the voice grew louder. She scanned in four directions, making sure she did not miss anything. Then, something slowed down her pace.

"Erm..excuse me..."


"Are you the one who called for Chunyo and Enho just now?"


"Erm..i want to ask.."

"Oh! Both of you finally appeared."
The man waved to them.

Anxious, Yoorim spun around immediately and was disappointed by what she saw. They are just two middle-age men that bore the same names.

"Hey!" Hyemin panted " What's wrong?"

Yoorim look down.

"Don't try to hide..." Hyemin placed her hands on her shoulders "tell me."

Yoorim began and recounted the whole incident that happened, not hiding anything from her.

"I see...did your memory fail you again?"
Hyemin wiped the tear off her face.

"Huh?" Yoorim said, looking perplexed.

"Remember...that day when you are moving over to my went over to Chunyo's house to see if Enho was there?"


"Then you found out that Chunyo's mum and Enho went overseas...ya?"

Yoorim thought through her statement seriously...

"Besides..Chunyo is dead!" Hyemin roared

"Wake up to your senses will you?" She shook her.

"Yeah...i remember already.."

Hyemin let out a faint smile.

"I'am sorry...I couldn't think properly at that point of time."
Yoorim shrugged.

"It's alright. C'mon you need to catch some sleep..we are arriving America very soon."
Hyemin persuaded and escorted Yoorim back to their seats.

"Nite nite!"

Yoorim grinned slightly at Hyemin.

Despite so many years, Yoorim still could not accept the fact that Chunyo is really dead. Somehow, her sixth sense is telling her that Chunyo is still living on this earth ; somewhere near her. Sometimes she even thought that she is hallucinating due to the depression she had in the past. How she wish that someone can erase that part of he memory....


"Hey wakey! We reached America already..."

"Huh? Oh...Hyemin..."

"C'mon! I got a surprise for you!"

Hyemin dragged Yoorim out of the airplane and brought her to a famous shopping mall in America. It was the most beautiful and gigantic mall Yoorim had ever seen in her life.

"Is this the surprise that you want to give me?"

"Not yet! You wait for me here..."
Hyemin told Yoorim and ran off.

As instructed, Yoorim waited for her at a corner and leaned against the wall. For the first time of her life, she felt that being able to see is such a blissful thing. The numourous number of shops and people of all walks of life is able to keep her entertained while waiting for Hyemin.

Just when she was about to approach a shop nearby to take a closer look, someone bumped into her and made her fell hard on the floor..


"Opps! I'm sorry!"

"It's alright..."
Yoorim replied and grimaced at her poor knee.

"Come..let me get you up..."


When Yoorim had a balance of her herself after she got up, she couldn't believe who she saw...

"Hi Sohmi..."


"To all passengers, we have reached America..."

"Chunyo?..Ch.." Yoorim mumbled to herself.

"Wakey! Stop dreaming~~" Hyemin patted her cheeks.

"Har?...i thought..."

" were dreaming..we just reached America.."

"oh.." Yoorim sighed "let's get down the plane.."

After both of them checked in to their hotels, Hyemin suddenly popped up something...

"Hey! I got a surprise for you! C'mon."
She pulled Yoorim.


Within minutes, they reached a famous mall in America. It is exactly like the one in the dream...

"Oh my gosh..."
Yoorim muttered to herself and asked..

"Is this the surprise that you want to give me?"

"Not yet! You wait for me here..."

"It can't be!" Yoorim said to herself in disbelief.

To double confirm that her dream actually became reality, she followed every single movement that she did in the dream. And true enough, someone bumped into her. Slowly, she tilted her head upwards and was horrified by what she saw...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

{ 2 identities, 1 story }

"W..what?" Hyemin stuttered.

The look on Hyemin's dad face has never been so horrifying before - it seem like the world is coming to an end soon. Over the past 18 years, this is the first time Hyemin know that her father had a muderous side too.

He proceeded slowly towards the both of them and handed each a large yellow envelope.

"Inside is the results of both of your entry to university.." He spoked slowly and firmly, with no expression on his face.

Both of them took the envelope reluctantly, stared worriedly at it and kept on fidgeting with the corners of the envelope.

"Just open it." rushed Hyemin's father irritatingly.

"I can't! It might be bad news!" Hyemin muttered to herself.

Immediately, Yoorim giggled at Hyemin's response. From young, Yoorim knew that Hyemin is more timid as compared to her. Because of this, Yoorim gave in.

"Alright..i will go first.." whispered Yoorim.

Slowly, Yoorim brought the envelope up to her eye level and tore it bit by bit. The atmosphere was so still that every little movement that she made, it can be heard loud and clearly. The intense stare from the both of them made her feel uneasy - like a criminal being watched.

Finally, it's opened. Yoorim plucked up her courage and delve for the thin sheet of paper inside. With an eye closed, she peeked at the paper. The first thing that caught her eye was the her enormous name printed there and then the RESULTS...

"How is it?!" Hyemin asked her impatiently.

"O..M...G...look at it yourself..." Yoorim answered her with both eyes wide open.

You are being accepted to the Mullimour University in America!
Please bring along this sheet of paper as an approval form for enrolment.

Overwhelmed with happiness, Hyemin quickly ripped open her envelope and found that she is accepted as well!

"OMG!!! I can't believe it! Dad! Why did u trick us?!"

"Haha! I was thinking it might be fun to see how you guys will react." He laughed and sees the both of them recovering from their state of excitement before continuing again.

"Yoorim, can i have a word with you?" He asked and signalled for Hyemin to go outside.

"Yeah sure." Yoorim agreed and turned to look at Hyemin.

"Don't worry..." Hyemin patted on her shoulder and left the room.

The room is now left with the both of them -Yoorim and Hyemin's dad. Yoorim felt really uneasy with only a male adult and her in a room as it reminds her of her deceased dad and Chunyo. Sometimes she even wondered whether is she a jinx that caused the death of her loved ones.

"I'am sorry, but uncle really need to tell you this. You know... that the cost of living in America isn't cheap and I am not really rich either. So i was thinking that i still can afford your school fees..but...the rest you might have to settle yourself.." He said apologetically.

"Uncle.." Yoorim began slowly "I understand. I am already really grateful for what you have done for me these few years. You accepted me as part of your family and even treated me like your daughter. I couldn't even repay your kindness and how would i even dare to ask more?"

After Hyemin's dad left the room, Yoorim starts thinking and planning about the arduous future that lies ahead.

In a blink of an eye, the day had arrived. Yoorim and Hyemin were both busy packing their stuffs that they are going to bring with them to America. And of course, not fogetting the most important thing that they must have with them - the approval form.

"Make sure everything is brought girls.." Hyemin's dad reminded them.

Hyemin nodded her head while Yoorim on the other hand was still digging for something in her luggage.

"Where's my box?!?!" Yoorim asked panickly.

"Is it this?"

"Ohh! Yes yes, thanks uncle!"

Yoorim hugged the box tightly and the both of them waved goodbye to him. It really isn't an easy thing to do - leaving someone who had once showered you with care and concern. When they are about to get onboard the plane, both of them sprinted towards Hyemin's father and embraced him.

"I will miss you dad!" Hyemin cried.

"Me toos. And can you be my godpa?"

"Of course..." He grinned at Yoorim.

"Get going the both of you..." He hurried and a tear fell down his cheeks.

Inside the plane, both of them calm themselves down and wiped away their tears. Then, they started chatting about some of the famous attractions in America when suddenly, Hyemin said something random.

"You know, honestly speaking...i prefer your old name, Sohmi! It suits you better." Hyemin blurted.

"Why that you bring that up suddenly?!"

"Well..because my brain told me to do so." Hyemin lied.

"I got no choice! I want to forget my past and start afresh and..."

"And hoping to change your fate right?" Hyemin interrupted.

" u know?"

"You said it a zillion times." Hyemin rolled her eyes.

Yoorim blushed and grinned shyly. Since this is her first time sitting a plane, it felt especially great to be able see the clouds just at her eye level. Even the night sky Yoorim abhorred alot in the past look wonderful and peaceful to her. Just when she was about to hit the covers, a faint but clear voice hollered across the plane and caught Yoorim's attention.

"Chunyo! Enho!"

Monday, December 22, 2008

{ 2 identities, 1 story }

The truth of Chunyo's death shocked Sohmi. After reading the note, Sohmi mind went blank, her whole body felt numb and the sense of nothingness entered her.

Slowly a gush of pain pierced through her heart and she felt a droplet fell on her pale cheeks. It was the rain. Water droplets came down like rocks, every droplet that hit her made her feel weaker.

Her legs bend, knees touching the ground and the rain became heavier ; downpour. Loud roaring from car engine can be heard miles away, this startled Sohmi, and as the roaring engine became louder a flash of light infront of her also became brighter.The car came to a halt, the light ever brighter, and one of the person inside the car sent chills down Sohmi's spine.

It was him.

"click" the door swung open and Chunyo greeted her with a heavenly smile and reach out for her. Her hand inched towards his palm and she noticed that as she move closer, his hand started to vanish away. And not long before, there was nothing left except for the dead leaves on the floor.

"Chunyo, come back!!!!!!!!!"
"Sohmi!Sohmi! Doctor, quickly come !!"
Sohmi opened her eyes slowly, her vision blur, and only hospital beds could be seen everywhere.
Once again she felt droplet splashing down no on her cheek.

" still remember me! I thought you won't wake up or something..."

"Where's Chunyo?"

"Ch..Chunyo? You don't know he"
"How can that be? I just saw him..."
"You insane? You have been sleeping for 2 months!"
Sohmi closed her eyes, hoping she could see Chunyo again, and wished she had never woken up.

"Sohmi? Don't go into coma again!!! Please!!!"

"I am okay...-.-"

"You sure "mute girl?" " Hyemin stood up.

"Yeah..fine fine.." Sohmi casted a fake smile at her.

"Then i'll be leaving. If you need me i will always be around." Hyemin flashed a smile full of hope at Sohmi and stepped out of the ward.

The familiar road infront of her house brought back painful memories. Sohmi was greeted by an aroma of Chicken Soup. Heavy heartily, she stepped into her house. A spread of food were served on table, ready to be eaten. As Sohmi approached the dinning table, she was interrupted by a series of clashing sounds ; stirring soup with laddle. Driven by curiousity, she twisted her head towards the kitchen and saw her mum cooking her favourite dish ; Chicken Soup. Just when she was about to call out for her, her mother dropped the laddle and fell hardly on the floor.

"Mum!" shouted Sohmi and hurried over to her side "are you okay?"
"Yeah...i am okay.." she replied faintly."Lets go have dinner."

Sohmi was worried , but did not persue to question her mother. So, she went straight into her room after having a few spoonfuls of rice as she did not have the appetite. She felt guilty for not finishing the meal specially prepared by her mother.

Then, Sohmi began to feel sad, numb and alone. Staring at the walls surrounding her gave her a sense of "security" and hoping that time will be able to heal her wound.

To escape reality for a moment, she pressed the pillows against her head and weep silently. Not long after, she went into a deep slumber.

The following day, after brushing her teeth and washing up, she dragged herself towards the dining table for breakfast. This is the first time Sohmi ever felt so lethargic and restless after hitting the covers so early.

Just when she was about to let out a huge yawn, something stopped her. It was her mother. As usual, she cooked Sohmi's favourite egg omelette and was ready to serve her and even the slight grin on her face was there. However, something was slightly different today. She is limping.

"Mum..." Sohmi questioned slowly "why are you limping?"

"Ermm..." Sohmi's mum pondered " i sprained my leg..nothing much"

Judging from her mother's facial expression, Sohmi could tell that she's hiding something from her. But as her daughter, Sohmi also trusted that her mother wouldn't hide anything serious from her.

"Mum...let me rub some oilment on your leg?" Sohmi suggested.

"It's okay ah girl..." Her mother grinned.

"Ah girl ah..."


"If one day mum isn't around...promise me you would stay strong alright?"

"Mum! Don't say unauspicious things !" Sohmi exclaimed and ran into her room.

Back there, Sohmi was very upset about what her mother told her just now. The events that happened recently made her feel so drained and worn out. Ever since the death of Chunyo, Sohmi has not been smiling. And now..her mother...

"Why am i always alone..why?!" Sohmi thought bitterly to herself.

Suddenly, the faint vibration on the floor startled her. Sohmi couldn't believe what she's seeing when she opens the door.

"Mum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sohmi shrieked in horror and sprinted towards her mother ; who was lying motionless on the floor.

"Mum..?"Sohmi quivered"You alright?"

"Bring me to my room ah girl."

Sohmi promptly agreed without saying another word.

"Are you sick?" Sohmi asked as she put a pillow under her mother's delicate head.

"No i am not...just getting old..."

" ..."

Sohmi's mum placed a finger on her lips and continued.

"Listen ah girl...mum can't be by you side forever, you have to stay strong and optimistic to fend yourself in the future. I know Chunyo's death had a great impact on you but please get on your feet because even how sad you are..he wouldn't come back. Promise mum okay?"

"Y..e..s..mum" Sohmi mummbled.

"Ahh yes, this is a photo of your distant cousin, Dave"Sohmi's mum told her and handed the photo over.

"Let him see this photo..he will know who you are and he will take care of you"

"But mum..why?"

"Nothing in would be handy in the future.."

" are not..."

"Trust me. *cough cough* And forgive mum for not telling you I have diabetes"And Sohmi's mum shuts her eyes.

Sohmi was dumfounded by the truth that her mother is having a serious disease. And more importantly..she kept it from her.

"Mum!!!!!! You can't do this to me!!!" Sohmi shouted in despair and tears streamed down like tap water on her face.

Everything around them seem to freeze for the time being. The house which was once filled with warmth and laughter was now overwhelmed with sadness. Staring at her mother's face turn paler and paler by the moment made Sohmi cried even louder. The death of Chunyo and her mother , her two loved ones, came too sudden for Sohmi to handle. She's at her wits-end. Just then, the phone rang.

"Hello..Hyemin speaking. How's your illness auntie? And is Sohmi around?"

"SO YOU KNEW IT ALL ALONG !" Sohmi shouted into the receiver.

"Sohmi?! Hello?! You there?!?!" Hyemin panicked.

*tooooooooooot* The line was dead...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

{ 2 identities, 1 story }

"Oh gosh, something wasn't right." Hyemin cogitated to herself and dashed out of her house.

Everything around Sohmi was as still as the the untouched pond left after winter, except for the the receiver that Sohmi dropped purposely ; swaying left and right. She rambled her whole house for upteen times and scanned the house carefully each time. Nothing. Each time she scanned, the house just looked more sinister to her.

"This can't be my house..." Sohmi muttered to herself quietly and stared blankly at the walls.

Just then, a brownish coloured bottle with label on it caught Sohmi attention. She grinned at the label and said...

"That's the thing i needed all along..." Sohmi said as she brought the bottle with her into her mother's room

So slowly,lying beside her mother, she lifted the bottle cap and reached for the contents. There were tonnes of them. Sohmi just couldn't make up her mind on which one she wants - since they are of the same colour and sizes. Frustrated, she emptied the whole bottle on her hand.

"Mum, i am coming..."

Just when she was about to swallow...

"Sohmi! Stop it !" Hyemin ran into the room just in time and shoved Sohmi's hands.

"That's not vitamin you idiot.." Hyemin cried.

Guilt and sorrow began to engulf her. Hyemin was at a lost of what to do - a dead aunt and a depressed Sohmi.

"I am sorry...auntie called me to keep it from you because she know you cannot handle blows easily.. especially.." Hyemin paused.

Despite hearing this, there wasn't even a slight response from Sohmi. She was just lying there, staring at her mother without leaving her sight for a second.

"Don't be like this. We need to prepare your mum's funeral arrangements. C'mon." Hyemin reminded and locomote her away from the bed.

The next five days were the most agonizing days of both Hyemin and Sohmi's life. Hyemin, who was busy managing the things at the wake and Sohmi , who stayed beside her mother's well-decorated coffin all the time.

At the last day of the wake, after cremation, a terrible incident happened.

"Sohmi, can you smell something?" Hyemin sniffed.


"OMG ! Your house is burning !!!"

"I set it "

"Why? How bout your things..."

"It's here. I wanna bury those painful memories..."

"Ohh...since your house is brunt...come stay with me?"

Sohmi was shocked by her resquest and dared not accept this huge offer. However after so much persuading from Hyemin, she surrended and nodded her head.

"Goodbye my home..." muttered Sohmi to herself and looked at the photo that her mother handed to her before leaving..

"Ouch!" Yoorim flinched as Hyemin smack her with her towel.

"Not your box wanna get depress again?"

"Don't worry, i won't" Yoorim assured "You won't have a chance to cure me anymore." she smacked Hyemin back and laughed evily.

Each of them grabbed a pillow and wacked each other. Soon after, they went into a violent pillow fight. All sorts of things could happen to 2 girls staying in a same room. Just when they are at the climax of their "fighting", a low and husky voice coming from the door stopped them.

"What are you guys doing?"

"Aiyo dad! Why did you come in an unearthy hour, when both of us are enjoying..." Hyemin complained.

"No time for jokes now honey, i need to tell both of you something.."

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

{ 2 identities, 1 story }

(Part 2)

"omg!!! Chunyo !!! Miracles do happen ya ?!?!"

Sohmi exclaimed and shake Chunyo back and forth until he couldn't take it and screamed at her.
"Oi !!! I am ripping apart mad woman!!!"

"Opps, sorry...i was too happy..."

"Woah, didn't know such a quiet girl like you can be so rough ..."Chunyo teased.

For the next 5 weeks, Sohmi went to Chunyo's house everyday for "piano lessons" after school. In the past, everyday was mundane to Sohmi. However, after the brief encounter at the pavilion that day with Chunyo, everyday was filled with surprises and happiness. Even her classmates stopped calling her "mute girl" ! And more important, she has the chance to learn piano. Not from any teacher in town, but from the person she yearns to be with.

"Okay, that all for today. Not long before you will be able to finish Fox Rain."

While Chunyo was closing the ledge of the piano, he noticed that Sohmi was standing there staring at him with teary eyes. Feeling worried, he walked up to her and asked...

"He...llo? Are you ok?" Chunyo waves his hand infront of Sohmi's face.

But still, there was no response from Sohmi.

Suddenly, Sohmi leaped towards him and embraced him tightly. Chunyo's face became so red until it resembled a tomato's ! It was then, Sohmi started talking...

"I am really grateful for the things that you have done for me. Without you, those jerks in school will still bully me. Without you, i will not be able to learn the piano. Without you...i life wouldn't be as happy as it is now..."

"Do you know it's the same for me? If it's not for you, i don't think i am who i am now..."

For a moment, Sohmi was puzzled about what he had just said. But, she couldn't care much about that now. All she knew was to cherish this rare oppotunity to embrace the person she like. What's more surprising was that Chunyo didn't reject her, instead he embraced her as well.

Happy times are short-lived. The sudden click at the main door startled both of them. As the door opened, two figure stood there.

"Mum! Bro! You are finally back !"

"Yes son..and who is she???"

"Ohhh, this is Sohmi, my classmate. This is my mum and this is my sworn brother, Enho"

"Hi auntie..and hi..."

"Just call me Enho will do." Enho said and smiled at Sohmi.

Being polite, Sohmi nodded her head and shot back a smile at Enho. Chunyo's mum on the other hand was looking at Sohmi from head to toe. There wasn't even a sign of friendliness in her eyes. That really frightened Sohmi.

"I think i better head home now..if not mum will start nagging again. Bye auntie, bye Enho and bye Chunyo." Sohmi said and smiled sweetly at Chunyo.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Back at Sohmi's house~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Mum, i am back !"

"Ah girl, don't run to your room yet. Sit down..mum wants to talk to you"

So, Sohmi and her mum sat at a couch nearby and began chatting.

"Erm...i know that you have been going to Chunyo's house for piano lessons..."

"Yeah, why?"

"From tomorrow onwards...don't go..."

"WHY?! Don't be like this, mum...pls?"

Sohmi's mum did not utter a single word. She just sat there and kept quiet.

"IT'S MY DREAM EVER SINCE I WAS YOUNG MUM ! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!" shouted Sohmi as she stomped her way into her room

"Sorry ah girl, mummy has my own reasons..." muttered Sohmi's mum to herself.

Back in her bedroom, Sohmi still couldn't understand why did mum say that to her. Millions of reasons ran through her head but none of them seem to be the answer. Suddenly, Sohmi remembered that everything her mum did was to protect her from getting hurt, whether physically or emotionally. Despite this, Sohmi decided to go there as usual tomorrow. This is also the first time Sohmi go against her mother...

~~~~~~~~~~~At Chunyo's house~~~~~~~~~~

The night sky was blue and clear. Chunyo stared at the beautiful sky and thought about the incident between him and Sohmi today. Then, someone patted gently on his shoulder.

"Bro, be prepared. Your mum wants to see you upstairs"

Chunyo frowned and look at Enho puzzledly. Upstairs, Chunyo found that his mum was sitting on his bed, looking really serious. Something wasn't right.

"Son, stop seeing that girl."

"Why? Reason?"

"That girl's mum is one of the employees that almost ruin the reputation of our company!"

"But that's has got nothing to do with Sohmi!"

"Yes it does. I don't want a daughter in law like her !"

"But..but...she's not my girlfriend !"

"You swear? I'am your mum, i know that you like her..."

Chunyo did not utter a single word. He just sat there staring feircely at his mum. Then he argued back

"I have legs mum, you cannot control me..."

"Yeah try me then"

Chunyo's mum walked out of the room and banged the door. When Chunyo tried to open the door, he realised that is was LOCKED ! Chunyo screamed and screamed but nobody was responding to him. He got so angry that he punched the wall so hard that his knuckles started bleeding alittle. Eventually, he still could not outwin her.

The next day, Sohmi could not find Chunyo anywhere in school during recess. School felt so different without Chunyo around her. On her way to Chunyo's house after school, she prayed hard that he didn't turn up for school because he wasn't feeling well.

*Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiing Dooooooooooong~*

"Oh hi Sohmi, what ya doing here?"

"Hi enho, i came here for piano lessons from Chunyo."

"Ohh, about that, Chunyo said that he won't be teaching anymore..."

"I don't believe! I want to hear it myself from him!"

Enho ignored Sohmi and went back in the house. Despite this, Sohmi did not give up. She sat outside their house for about 2 hours and saw Enho coming to the main gate again.

"Please leave!"

"I won't ! Unless you tell me the reason!"

"Okay then..."

Sohmi was shocked to hear from Enho what actually happened. Convinced, she headed home with a heavy heart. All of a sudden, all this seem like a dream to her. She also remembered how she treated her mum yesterday. Her mind is now in a whirl...

When Sohmi reached home...

"Mum ! I am so so so sorry ! I know what really happened now..."

"Silly girl, mummy's fine. You must too okays?"

Right after hearing what her mom said, Sohmi couldn't hold her tears any longer and began sobbing. This is the first time Sohmi's mum saw her crying so much. After all that crying, Sohmi's mum managed to tuck her in.

For the next 2 weeks, both of them have been leading each of their lives like the past. The only difference is that Chunyo wasn't allowed to go out or go to school. So, his mother hired a private tutor for him. These two weeks, Chunyo has been desperately pleading his mum to let him out while Sohmi cried silently in her bedroom every night before she goes to bed.

There is also a few times where Enho couldn't bear to see his brother suffering from being mentally tortured like this, so he decided to help him get out. But every time, both of them ends up getting caught by Chunyo's mum.


Chunyo woke up and saw the date on the calender and remembered something really important. Then, he heard footsteps outside....

"Mum !!!! Don't don go!!! Listen to me!!! I really need to pass her this parcel and letter !!! Please i beg you..."

"I will help u pass it to her if you want..."

"Really?!?! Thanks mum ! "

Although Chunyo was shocked by the resquest suggested by his mum, but he was still delighted that the parcel can reached Sohmi's hands by today.

"Ah yes, we are migrating to America today"

"What?! I won't be leaving with you guys..."

"Okay then, i won't pass the parcel to her"

"OKOK...i will go.."

"That's my boy..."

At Sohmi's side, she was revising her work for tomorrow's mini quiz when suddenly her door bell rang. A woman dressed in yellow was holding a parcel in her hand. She handed over the parcel to Sohmi and went off.

When Sohmi was standing at her door about to rip open the contents, a car zoomed passed her.
Because the car was too fast, she did not care much about it. Little did she know that Chunyo was inside the car ! That was the last time Chunyo get to see Sohmi...

Inside the parcel, Sohmi found a keychain, a letter and a note. The keychain is none other than her favourite item - piano. But in between it, was a broken heart. It is magnetic and there was a girl and boy sign in each keychain.

The next item was the letter. The letter was so beautifully written that it made Sohmi curious who wrote that. It says...

Dear Sohmi,

This is Chunyo here. I know many things had happened over the pass 2 weeks and had hurt you alot. But promise me, do remember to smile okay? Only when you smile, then can I. Although we have not been contacting one another for 2 weeks, but i still wouldn't forget "mute girl's" birthday! I made that keychain just specially for better keep it properly. The reason why i gave both the keychains to you is because since i can't stay by your side, the keychain will help me by doing so. The keychain represents my heart. My heart will always be with you. When i am not around to guide you, don't forget to practice Fox Rain. I will listen to you if i have the chance *grins evily* Last but not least, i wanna confess something to you. Remember the first day we met at the pavillion? It's not fate. I delibrately waited for you there..because i wanted to spend some time with you and because i...
Have fallen in love with you ♥

Sohmi dropped the paper and opened her mouth in wide disbelif after seeing that last sentence of the letter. Just when she was about to jump for joy, the note stops her. It read...

I'am sorry to tell you Sohmi, but Chunyo dropped dead on the floor today after his lunch. The doctors tried to search for his cause of death but to no avail. Please take it easy.

From : Enho

Sohmi got so agitated that she ran straight onto the road and shouted...



Everything around Sohmi slowed down all of a sudden and she could see an image of Chunyo forming infront of her. He is smiling at her. Then, the image slowly disappears and Sohmi closed her eyes...

Friday, December 12, 2008

{ 2 identities, 1 story }

(Part 1)

"Oh head...where am i?!?!"

Sohmi gently carassed her head as she asked.

"Miss you are in the hospital. A young man found you on the floor and brought you here."

"Young man??? May i know who is it?"

"I am sorry Miss, he didn't leave us his name."

Sohmi's hopeful eyes immediately turned into dispair after hearing what the nurse said.

"Looking at your condition, you are able to go home now."


Somehow on the way back, her legs don't seem to listen to her. Every step felt like a burden and time seem to creep by slowly. Even the chirpping of birds that doesn't fail to make her smile everyday doesn't seem to work today.

Unknowingly, she happen to stumble upon the pavilion and memories came back like lightning. Just when she wanted to turn around and head for home, a figure appeared in front of her...

"Where do you think are you going?"

"OMG, could it be Chunyo?!"

Sohmi wondered as she lifted her head carefully to find out who was it.

Once again, Sohmi's hopes are all smashed. It is a tall - build guy whose body is covered with huge tatooes.

"Hey, why are you so afraid of me? I won't eat ya up yo"

He smirked and ripped his shirt.


Sohmi shouted and ran as fast as her leg could carry her. Suddenly, she bumped into someone.

"Ahhh!!!! Let go of me you bloody flasher!!!"

"Yah, Jung Sohmi ! It's me ! Chunyo !"

Immediately, Sohmi stop struggling and began to calm her emotions down.


"Don't need to explain anything. Just rest alright?"

Chunyo patted her head as he watch her falling asleep soundly on his shoulder. Not long after, Chunyo joined Sohmi...

~~~~~~~2 hours later~~~~~~~


Sohmi woke up and found Chunyo still sleeping beside her. Afraid that she might wake him up, she carefully lifted her head away from his firm shoulder. Because Chunyo was an inch-close to her, she couldn't help but took a peek at his sleepy face. It was then, she realised something. How could such a macho man like Chunyo able to pull off such delicate facial features! It was plain beautiful.

"Have a good rest."

Sohmi muttured and smiled.

Looking at Chunyo's adorable sleeping face made Sohmi feel like cuddling him. But somehow, it became something more than that. Suddenly, a rush of emotion made Sohmi wanna plant a kiss on Chunyo's cheek. So, she leaned forward and...



"Yah! What are you doing?!"

"WaAaAa...ohhh..there is a feather on your head!"

"WHAT?! Still there?!"

"Err..nope. It flew away already."

"Phew, thank god. I am allergic to feather man"

Sohmi was shocked and at the same time amazed by his statement. Then, there was a long pause of silence between both of then until Sohmi started asking Chunyo questions.

"Erm...can i ask you something?

"Why not?"

"Err..are you the one that sent me to the hospital?"


" am fine already."

"Ohh..good good"

"And..about the music said you are.."

"Going overseas? Yeah..but not confirmed yet."


"Why not let's make it like this. Tomorrow...same time...we meet at the pavillion after school. If you don't see me within an hour...means that i.."

Sohmi interrupted and said...

"Okay okay..set."

The next day in school, Sohmi couldn't concentrate on what she's doing. All she could think of was the slim chance of meeting him afterwards. After the long and toturing hours of classes in school, Sohmi rushed all the way from school straight to the pavilion, hoping for a miracle to happen.

While waiting, she reminisced the fond memories she had with Chunyo for the past 2 days. It was really unbelievable they became so close to each other within such a short period of time. Unknowingly, 55 minutes had passed when Sohmi looked at her watch and there isn't any sign of Chunyo.

Suddenly, she realised that it wasn't possible for Chunyo to appear any minute and hence, began to turn around to head for home. A glittering tear fell down from Sohmi's rosy cheeks. It was then...

"Why didn't you wait till the last minute?"

Sohmi turned around shocked to see who was behind her...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

{ 2 identities, 1 story }

Cover Page ! Credits to : Feb™ ©

Introduction :D

Main Characters :
Jung Sohmi/Yoorim - Lead
Park Chunyo - 2nd Lead [Lead's guy of her dreams]
Bae Hyemin - Lead's best friend
Jung Enho - Lead's distant cousin ; 2nd lead sworn brothers.

Jung Sohmi is a quiet girl by nature. She is often seen alone and all her classmates labelled her as "mute girl" except for her one and only best friend, Bae Hyemin.
Hyemin is seen as the opposite of Sohmi ; bubbly and outspoken. Since unlike poles attract, Hyemin is the only person that Sohmi can open her heart to.
Another reason that attributed to Sohmi's personality is that she lost her father when she was three.
Like other girls, Sohmi also had a guy of her dreams. He is called Park Chunyo. He is quite popular among the girls in school because of his excellent grades and his aptitude in music, especially piano-playing.
Another reason is because Chunyo is unlike the other guys. He would not join in "mute girl" teasing when his friends around him.
One day, while Sohmi was approaching the pavillion near her house to revise her work, she saw a guy that seems to be older than her, dressed in her school's uniform, sitting there smiling at her.
It was then everything took a turn...
(The english might sound alittle Singlish (Singaporean slang) :D )

Yoorim sat motionlessly on her bed as she stared at the birds fly by when suddenly Hyemin tapped on her shoulder...

" Yah, still don't wanna bathe yet stinky fellow?"

"i will... but after you okay?"

After Hyemin went for her bath, Yoorim unlocked the secret drawer beside her bed and once again looked at the contents inside the mini treasure box that she kept with her.

Inside are some of the things she treasured when she was young and most of them hold alot of importance to her. However , she will pay special attention to only 3 of the items in there .

~~~~~~~~~~~FLASHBACK ~~~~~~~~~

1st- The music sheet.

"OMG! It's Chunyo! Is he smiling at me?! My eyes are not playing tricks to me right?!"

Sohmi thought as she trying to accept the situation that is happening right in front of her while staring at him.

Suddenly Chunyo spotted Sohmi gaze.

"Yah, young lady, why are you staring at me?"

"Umm...nono...i was just..."

"It's alright, i know who you the "mute lady" Sohmi . Coming in? I think it's going to rain soon." Sohmi nodded her head as she approach the pavillion as well as the guy of her dreams.

This is the first time Sohmi gets to come so close in contact with a guy with no one else around them. And even more meaningful, it's someone she likes.

" Chunyo..right?"
Sohmi stuttered and dared not look into his eyes as she asked him.

"ehh? How can you not remember me! I am your hero you know!"
Chunyo teased as he looked at Sohmi's facial expression...

"Umm..yeah..thank you ^^"

"hmmph, guessed that what they said about you was true.."
"O.o? ehhhhhh !"
Chunyo giggled at Sohmi's reaction while Sohmi kept quiet.
For the next few hours, they sat under the same pavillion and revised their schoolwork together. None of them uttered a single word until something caught Chunyo's attention.
"wahh, you sure like music alot huh?"
Chunyo commented as he look at the number of things Sohmi had that is associated with music.
"Yeah, especially..."

"Altogether, there are 15 things that is related to your pencil case la..and.."
Sohmi looked puzzled as she listened to his rantings.

"erm, sorry, what did you said just now? Especially?"
"Especially piano. But it would be only a dream...since my family is so poor."

"Wow ! What a rare sight, you are talking so much!"

Sohmi ignored his nonsense sighed as she thought about her dream that would never ever come true.

Chunyo on the other hand realised that he said something wrong and without thinking, he grabbed her hand..

"Come with me, i bring you somewhere.."

Within minutes, both of them arrived at Chunyo's house. Sohmi was shocked to see how huge his house was and still aware of the icy cold hands that was holding on to her.

"Welcome to Chunyo wonderland! ^^"

Chunyo announced and happened to realise that he is still grabbing onto Sohmi's tightly.

"Ohhh..sorry" He apologised as he released his grip.
"Why did you bring me here?"

"Ohh, you said you wanted to learn piano isn't it? Here is the ideal place !"
"Eh? here?"

"Yep, no doubt. I will guide you if you wish to learn from me."

And just like that, Sohmi accepted this rare oppotunity to learn piano as well as get to know the person she like better. Both of them practiced 2 hours straight and sometimes Sohmi's heart skip a beat because of the close contact they had with one another.

"Wow, you are definitely a fast learner plus alittle talented huh."

Sohmi blushed and grinned.

"If you keep on practicing, you will go very far. I assure you."

Suddenly, Sohmi remembered and looked at the time on her watch...

"Sorry, i have to go now. Meet up tomorrow.."

Sohmi shouted as she grabbed her schoolbag and headed for the door.

"Meet me at the pavillion tomorrow!!!!"

Chunyo screamed, hoping that Sohmi heard him.

The next day : Chunyo's side.

To Chunyo's disappointment, he couldn't find her anywhere at the pavillion. He waited and waited until he realised that she didn't heard what he said yesterday and so, he left.

Sohmi's side.

"Remember to finish up your work next time, if not the punishment will be longer."

"Yes mam..."

Sohmi looked at the time on her watch and remembered what Chunyo said yesterday...

"Meet me at the pavilion tomorrow!!!!"

"Ohh noooooooooooo!!!"
Sohmi sprinted as fast as she could but then she reached there, there isn't even a single soul. Except for a piece of paper which caught her attention.

It is a music sheet written by Chunyo and some note attached to it.

Remember i said that you have a talent in piano? I am not kidding. By the time you are reading this note, i had already left the pavilion. This shows that we are not fated to meet each another. This piece is called Fox Rain and it is specially arranged by me to you. This song suits your character and i believe you would like it. I rushed through the night just to give u a surprise. But seem like heaven is playing a trick on us. I might be leaving tomorrow to study abroad so don't bother to come and look for me anymore. And promise me that you will finish learning this piece...

With love, Chunyo ♥

Sohmi couldn't believe what she saw and fall onto her knees. She was crying so much that suddenly her vision blurred and everything darkens......